Long before technology taught us to measure beauty by glitz and sizzle, it was nature's purity that made us feel good about ourselves. What was true then is true now. You are one of the few that are aware. You enjoy nature's gift and you wish to return the favor. Here then is a credit card that you will feel proud to use. Planetcard® ... A credit to Planet Earth!

Planetcard® is currently looking for large, well organized Environmental Action groups who have mission statements that provide direct benefit to the overall health of our Planet.  

We are specifically interested with groups with  ACTIVE membership of over 1 million members.  The selected recipient group, will receive a share of the donations.

These members should be the type of individuals who would be interested in carrying and using Planetcard®, knowing that each time the card is used, a contribution will be made by the issuing bank to all participating Planetcard® environmental action groups.  

Every purchase, no matter how small, will therefore be,

"A Credit To Planet Earth!"®